Hi There, Sat Nam, Namaste and Hey Y’all! Come sit for a spell.

Hey y’all! I’m Aurelia. I’m an artist, healer, author, and multifaceted soul.

After a profound spiritual awakening in 2020, I became a devotee of Traditional Indian Wisdom, Sanskrit, Mantra, and Dharmic philosophy. My own spiritual path combines new-age spirituality with forgotten ways and wisdom infused with energy work. The foundation of my path lies in aligned devotion to inner growth, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Gratitude, Movement, Song, Chanting; and Hatha, Nada, and Kundalini yoga intricately woven with sacred rituals derived from the Tantric tradition. I simply desire to feel fully alive in every facet of my soul.

Uniquely paired with the above, I proudly hail from the South and was raised in the Bible Belt. I have a deep appreciation for Jesus and enjoy attending church. I absolutely love Gospel Music. There is light, love, and inspiration everywhere if we simply open ourselves up to it. EVERYTHING IS DIVINE–EVEN YOU! I don’t pick and choose my inspiration and value having an open mind and heart to be inspired by different paths.

As an intuitive artist, author, aspiring singer, and creative alchemist, I find myself navigating the intricate bridge connecting the visible and the unseen. My journey unfolds through the alchemy of creativity, inviting you to witness the vibrant dance of spiritual energies materializing into reality—a narrative where we actively shape our most abundant realities.

I warmly invite you to Join me on this transformative journey, where self-discovery, physical devotion, self-compassion, Tantric exploration, and creative illumination seamlessly intertwine with the delicate art of Shadow healing. Together, let’s plunge into the depths of the psyche, unlocking hidden facets of the self, revealing profound insights, and catalyzing personal evolution and spiritual growth.

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Tantric : (adj.) relating to or involving the doctrines or principles of the Hindu and Buddhist tantras, particularly the use of sacred mantra, meditation, yoga, and ritual. Sanskrit तन्त्र: expansion-device; loom, weave, warp.

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Illuminatrix: Unveil your Shadow, Awaken Your Inner Light

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Soul Incantation

Coming Winter Solstice 2023

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Wyrd (n. circa 1400) Fate, chance, fortune, destiny, and supernatural, literally having the power to control fate. The ancestral Anglo-Saxon root of the word “Weird,” in modern English; and also pronounced the same way.

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Coming Winter Solstice 2023


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