Tantric : (adj.) relating to or involving the doctrines or principles of the Hindu and Buddhist tantras, particularly the use of sacred mantra, meditation, yoga, and ritual. Sanskrit तन्त्र: expansion-device; loom, weave, warp.

Hey There!

I’m Aurelia

Hey y’all! I’m Aurelia. I’m an artist, healer, author, and multifaceted soul.

After a profound spiritual awakening in 2020, I became a devotee of traditional Indian wisdom, Sanskrit, Mantra, and Dharmic philosophy. I have engaged in deep study with Ayurveda, herbalism, aromatherapy, gratitude, mindfulness, movement, song, and chanting, as well as Hatha, Nada, and Kundalini yoga. All the while, I have intricately woven my studies with sacred rituals derived from Vedic traditions, encompassing elements from both Tantric practices, which involve specific rituals and techniques for spiritual growth, and Vedantic philosophy, which explores the deeper metaphysical aspects of existence.

Uniquely paired with the above, I hail from the South and was raised in the heart of the Bible Belt. I have a deep appreciation for Christ and His teachings and enjoy attending church. I enjoy singing hymns just as much as I love to chant! There is light, love, and inspiration everywhere if we simply open ourselves up to it. EVERYTHING IS DIVINE–EVEN YOU! I don’t pick and choose inspiration and value having an open mind and heart to be inspired by many different paths.

Currently invoking an alignment to my highest timeline. I am concentrating on my visual art, learning music and songwriting, discovering my edges, finding my muse, exploring sound healing, and diving deeper into sacred Mantra. I am stepping into the calling of spiritual leadership through group facilitation, courses, workshops, energetic activations, meditation and 1:1 guidance. I am adept at multidimensional healing, crafting rituals, sacred living, herbalism, Ayurvedic Medicine, aromatherapy, personal creative expression practices, and making artisan wellness products.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. ❤️

Illuminatrix (noun): A spiritual term symbolizing a woman who guides others toward deeper consciousness and alignment with their Higher Self. As a feminine illuminator, she facilitates self-discovery, fostering inner light, wisdom, and a conscious connection to the Divine, promoting true authenticity in one’s soul expression.

I’m a multidimensional

Artist & Healer

I consciously create from my soul and move from my heart.

A few of my facets include:

  • Intuitive Art, with an emphasis on watercolors
  • Calligraphy, Sigils, Soulwriting & Handlettering
  • Meditation and Sacred Mantra
  • Sound Healing
  • Chanting and Vocal Transcendence
  • 1:1 Healing Offerings
  • Creator of The Illuminatrix Method Healing
  • Self-Care & Perfume Artisan
  • Two books and two Oracle decks coming in 2024
  • Aspiring Musician & Singer
  • Yoga Teacher in Training
  • Mama & Wife

Coming Soon!

The Illuminatrix Method: Embrace Your Shadow as Part of Your Light.

Coming to Amazon this Summer.

my brilliant brands

Self-care becomes sacred with Mantra Infused Aromatherapy, Yoni Steam Saunas, Herbs, Ayurvedic body care and Tantric Wellness.

Embrace shakti

Gorgeous Canva Pro Templates, Workbooks, Beautiful Birth Charts for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Vintage Inspired Perfume

It’s the 1920’s meets the 2020’s

Handcrafted with Love in Appalachia.

Creative Alchemy : (verb) the art of blending raw elements in a creative process to produce something innovative and magical. It involves skillfully combining imagination, emotions, and different artistic disciplines to create a synthesis greater than its individual parts. Like ancient alchemy turning base metals into gold, creative alchemy emphasizes the transformative power of creativity, song, dance, chanting, writing and more to generate unexpected and transcendent outcomes for your soul.

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Recent pieces that resonate for me.

What is the Illuminatrix Method?

In the transformative Illuminatrix Method™ journey of shadow work, the focus is not on battling inner darkness, but on embracing a holistic process of healing and self-discovery. This comprehensive methodology encourages individuals to explore their inner selves with conscious compassion, addressing wounds, traumas, and suppressed aspects. By acknowledging both light and shadow, a metamorphosis occurs, nurturing the entire person: mind, body, and spirit. Becoming an Illuminatrix for your shadows is a powerful catalyst for personal growth, radiating healing outward and fostering a more vibrant, harmonious existence.

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Illuminatrix Sessions podcast

Coming Early 2024


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