The Illuminatrix Initiation:

A Holistic Two-Session Introductory Journey into


Embark on a healing and catalyzing journey with Illuminatrix Initiation—a transformative two-session exploration rooted in the wisdom of self-compassion, contemporary approaches to exploring the shadow aspects, and the depths found in my six month Illuminatrix Method™ Transformation. These two sessions are a potent glimpse into the profound revelations that await your journey of self-discovery and shadow integration.

What’s Included:

  • Two 90-Minute Recorded Calls
  • Session 1 | Part One: Depths of Darkness Exploration
  • Session 1 | Part Two: Creative Expression Exploration
  • Live Personalized Guided Release Meditation
  • Video & Audio Recordings
  • Comprehensive Email Recap of our Discussions
  • My Illuminatrix Method Book (Mailed to you!)
  • Session 2 | Part Two: Anger Exploration
  • Session 2 | Part Three, Closing Appreciation Ritual

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How is this different from Shadow Work?

In the transformative Illuminatrix Method journey of shadow work, the focus is not on battling inner darkness, but on embracing a holistic process of healing and self-discovery. This comprehensive methodology encourages individuals to explore their inner selves with conscious compassion, addressing wounds, traumas, and suppressed aspects. 

By acknowledging both light and shadow, a metamorphosis occurs, nurturing the entire person—mind, body, and spirit. Becoming an Illuminatrix for your shadows is a powerful catalyst for personal growth, radiating healing outward and fostering a more vibrant, harmonious existence.

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The Illuminatrix Method:

Unveil Your Shadow

to Awaken Your inner Light

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The Illuminatrix Method

A Six Month Fully supported

1:1 Journey of

true transformation

Embark on a soul-stirring six-month odyssey with Illuminatrix Unveiled—a guided journey that transcends the ordinary, rooted in the profound wisdom of self-compassion, contemporary explorations of the self, and the transformative depth that defines the essence of the human experience. Each month we will work on a new healing process and shadow aspect each month and visit it over two bi-weekly calls.

You may also contact me via Voxer or email during our time together. This work is transformative but can sometimes feel very heavy, and I am here to support you fully. This is a one-on-one, individually held program, I don’t think the emotional intimacy of this work translates as deeply in a group container.

The Illuminatrix Unveiled Transformation is more than a “PROGRAM” it is a journey; it’s a mastery of self-discovery— an intricate dance with the depths of your being. Prepare for a transformative expedition, an unveiling of the mysteries within you that extend far beyond the surface.

The investment for this life-changing six-month journey is $6,000 paid in full or $1,000 a month for six months. I believe in total price transparency and installments without an up charge. I also offer 25% off scholarship discounts in some circumstances. Please reach out to discuss. I am happy to try and meet you where you are.

I ask you to apply below for this journey. My space is extremely limited in holding space for these sessions both energetically and practically. I carefully select whom I work with for this reason.

Read below to see what awaits you each month…

this resonates deeply, I’m Ready to apply

A Month by Month breakdown….

Envision an invitation to dive into the enigmatic realms of your unconscious. Where are your edges? What is hidden? What is long forgotten? Gently guided, these explorations are augmented by the transformative power of guided meditation—an immersive tool that transcends the surface layers of consciousness. 

We concentrate on four main points in month one throughout two live calls with guided self-led study.

  • Emotional Inventory: An honest look at where you are in a safe and accepting space.
  • Sacred Setting: Preparing your space for inner work and new energy
  • Invoking Inner Harmony: Self-care and Soul Care to open your body and spirit for this deep healing study.
  • Exploring your edges: You have to map your comfort zone and current values before you can move out of and manifest more into your life.

The accompanying guided meditation sessions serve as a lantern, illuminating the recesses of your mind. Witness as your awareness expands, gaining clarity on the intricacies of your inner world. This heightened self-awareness becomes a guiding light, a beacon of the Illuminatrix, offering insights that ripple through the fabric of your being.

All remaining sessions are recorded in video and any meditations are also in audio formats and provided to you.

After enrolling a printed copy of my “The Illuminatrix Method” Book will be mailed directly to you with a few additional small welcome gifts based on our first call. These support tools are given to you at no additional charge.

Embark on a transformative exploration of inner child healing tailored for the grown adult. This session gently revisits and addresses the echoes of past trauma and shadows from pivotal periods of childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and the profound transition into parenthood.

Childhood Reconnection: Immerse yourself in reflective exercises crafted to reconnect with and nurture the inner child tenderly. Explore the unique nuances of early experiences, unraveling the threads of joy and processing pain that have woven into the fabric of your present self. Just opening to this work creates a compassionate space for profound healing, allowing the adult within to acknowledge and embrace the innocence and vulnerability of their younger self.

Teenage Forgiveness: Navigate the labyrinth of adolescence, delving into the emotional landscapes of self-discovery and identity formation. Share stories and insights from this pivotal period, acknowledging the impact of teenage experiences on present perspectives. Through guided introspection, participants can illuminate and reconcile the shadows that linger from these formative years, fostering a deeper understanding of your experience during this time.

Young Adult Reflection (Ages 18-28): Explore the multifaceted journey of young adulthood, delving into the transformative power of revisiting and healing past shadows. Share narratives of resilience, growth, and self-discovery during this period. Through authentic storytelling and introspective practices, participants can unearth the wisdom gained from navigating the complexities of early independence, crafting a narrative that aligns with their present values and aspirations.

Motherhood Healing: Embrace the profound metamorphosis of becoming a parent but experience a place to voice those challenges and changes. Share and reflect on the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the initial years of motherhood. This session provides a sacred space to explore and release any lingering shadows from this transformative period. Participants are invited to share the joys, challenges, and growth experienced during early parenthood, fostering healing and a deeper connection with themselves as nurturing individuals.

*If you are not a parent we will simply hold more space for the other three time periods in your life.*

Embark on a courageous journey of vulnerably honest self-exploration with the “Anger Exploration”, where I invite you to navigate the intricate landscape of one of the most powerful and often misunderstood emotions—ANGER. This month cracks you open in a safe and supportive space to unravel the messages and energy embedded within anger, viewing it not as a destructive force but as a potent catalyst for transformation. In the realm of this emotion, you’ll discover valuable insights into your inner world and gain the tools to harness anger’s energy for personal empowerment. Together, we’ll delve into the roots of anger, offering a profound opportunity for self-discovery and growth.

Emotional Archaeology: Embark on a process of emotional archaeology to unearth the roots of your anger. Through guided introspection, explore past experiences, triggers, and patterns to gain a comprehensive understanding of the origins of this emotion. By excavating the layers, you’ll illuminate the pathways to healing and transformation.

Mindful Expression Techniques: Learn and practice mindful expression techniques to navigate anger in a constructive way. From breathwork, Somatics and embodied practices, these tools provide a pathway to channel the intensity of anger into self-awareness and empowerment. By developing a mindful relationship with anger, you can transform it from a disruptive force into a source of strength.

Empowerment Through Boundaries: Explore the transformative nature of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries as a means of managing and understanding anger. Through interactive exercises, you’ll gain practical skills to establish boundaries that honor your needs and values. By embracing the power of assertiveness, you’ll learn to express anger in a way that fosters personal growth and healthier relationships.

Sacred Rage: Understanding when anger is necessary: Delve into the concept of “Sacred Rage” and discern the occasions when anger serves as a necessary and empowering force. Explore the nuances of anger as a protector of boundaries and values, allowing you to harness its energy for positive change.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Engage in activities and exercises designed to cultivate emotional intelligence specific to anger. Develop a heightened awareness of the emotional signals leading up to anger, enabling you to intervene in the early stages. By honing your emotional intelligence, you’ll enhance your capacity to navigate and understand anger, promoting emotional well-being.

Parental Overstimulation and Explosive Trigger Management: Recognize and address the unique challenges of being a mother by exploring overstimulation and triggers within the parenting context. Through targeted exercises, gain insights into how parental responsibilities can contribute to heightened emotions. Learn practical strategies to manage overstimulation, navigate triggers, and create a supportive environment that fosters emotional resilience.

Transformative Communication Skills: Explore communication techniques that facilitate the healthy expression and understanding of anger within relationships. Develop skills to articulate your needs and boundaries effectively, fostering open and empathetic dialogues. By transforming your communication patterns, you’ll create a foundation for constructive conversations that acknowledge and validate emotions, including anger, within the dynamics of parenthood.

This is the heaviest month of the entire six-month process.

Take a well-deserved break from the heavier mental lifting of the previous month and immerse yourself in the rejuvenating embrace of our “Creative Expression Exploration” sessions.

Delve into the profound realm of creative expression, where the power of art, writing, a d other expressive mediums become a gateway to unlocking fresh insights and perspectives, adding a colorful dimension to your journey.

This month, you’ll have the opportunity to use art and writing for self-reflection and exploration, providing a lighter yet profoundly enriching avenue for personal growth.

Artistic Unveiling: Engage in the liberating act of artistic expression, whether through painting, drawing, or sculpting. Tap into the reservoir of your emotions and thoughts, allowing the canvas to capture the nuances of your inner world.

Wordsmith’s Journey: Explore the written word as a vehicle for self-discovery. Through guided writing exercises, unlock the potential of language to articulate your deepest thoughts, unraveling layers of your narrative that may have remained hidden.

Multidimensional Insights: Beyond traditional methods, our second session this month, session encourages the use of various expressive mediums. From dance to music, chanting and song discover how these diverse forms of creative expression can provide unique perspectives, enriching your journey of self-discovery with a kaleidoscopic array of sensory experiences.

Creating Visual Activation Board: Culminate your exploration by creating a personalized vision board that synthesizes the artistic techniques learned in this module. Harness the energy and insights gained through Emotional Abstract Painting, Collage of Self-Identity, Expressive Sculpting, Visual Journaling, Found Object Assemblage, and creating a Mood Mandala. Craft a visually compelling representation of your soul-aligned aspirations, desires, and discoveries, infusing your space with the vibrancy of your authentic self.

After a month of play we engage in these profound sessions, meticulously curated to repair and reshape the narratives that have molded your perception of your personal story. Grounded in the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), this facet of our discussions serves as an grounding, invoking the strength of openness to redefine your narrative, mend past wounds, release what no longer serves, and embark upon a future meticulously crafted by your intentions. We’ve spent four months together to get you to the point where you can do this work: these are beautifully simplistic concepts but require preparation for them to sink in deeply.

Narrative Redefinition: Delve into the profound journey of narrative reconstruction, guided by the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This empowers you to reshape the stories that have shaped your past, offering a newfound sense of authorship over your life’s narrative.

Healing Past Wounds: Drawing upon the transformative essence of NLP, this session acts as a therapeutic balm, facilitating the healing of past wounds. Explore the depths of your emotional landscape, allowing for a comprehensive and cathartic healing process.

Identifying The Blocks: When I was very early in my journey, this was the piece I struggled with the most. No one showed me HOW or WHERE to find what was slowing and dragging down my soul… or even how to start. Somatic therapy exercises and intuitive introspection allowed me to “See the stucks.” I am happy to teach you what I have learned so you can see your blocks.

Conscious Energetic Release: This work is at times very heavy, it’s like sifting mud out of water or cleaning out your closets. There are so many ways to restore and release ‘junk’ in your body and aura, including Ayurvedic holistic wellness practices, utilizing the transformative power of sound vibrations, and harmonizing Chakra Alignment to facilitate healing. These surprisingly simple modalities serve as profound tools for cleansing and rejuvenating your energetic being, allowing you to embrace a state of balance, vitality, and inner harmony.

New Pattern Programing: As you liberate yourself from outdated tales, you will notice a soul elevation of self-awareness. This newfound awareness becomes a fresh start. The easiest way to establish a new pattern is to concentrate on what you truly desire, not what you do not want. It’s manifestation 101 but most people miss the inner work needed first. By focusing on your aspirations and visualizing your highest self in your highest purpose and timeline; you set the stage for a powerful journey of manifestation. This opening allows your intentions to shape the narratives that guide your personal and spiritual evolution.

I deeply desire this month to feel like you’ve made it to the shore after navigating the rough seas of your shadows. You did it. You made it. You’ve transformed!

As we approach the culmination of your transformative journey with Illuminatrix Unveiled, the final month is dedicated to Integration and Empowerment Synthesis—a pivotal phase that anchors in all aspects explored throughout our six-month odyssey. This month serves as a sacred space for reflection, questions, and the seamless integration of your newfound wisdom into your daily life.

Comprehensive Review and Reflection: Take stock of the profound insights gained from each module, reflecting on the nuances of your journey. This comprehensive review allows you to acknowledge your growth, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for ongoing exploration. Through introspective prompts and discussions, you’ll weave together the tapestry of your transformation.

Roadmap to Continued Growth: Together we will craft a personalized roadmap for continued growth and self-discovery beyond our structured sessions. Identify practices, rituals, and intentions that resonate with you, serving as guiding lights on your ongoing journey. This roadmap becomes a dynamic tool for empowerment, aligning with your evolving aspirations and desires.

Creation of Your Personal Empowerment Toolkit: Curate a personalized toolkit comprising transformative practices, affirmations, and resources that resonate with you. This toolkit becomes your go-to resource for moments of self-reflection, empowerment, and continued growth. Whether facing challenges or celebrating victories, your toolkit serves as a reservoir of strength and guidance.

Closing Q&A and Support Options: Engage in an interactive Q&A session, providing a platform for you to ask questions, share reflections, and seek guidance on any lingering aspects of your journey. This supportive dialogue ensures that you leave the program with a profound sense of clarity, empowerment, and a deep connection to the wisdom unearthed during our time together. If you need further support together we can discuss that and I provide a list of tools I think would helpful to you personally on the next steps of your journey.

(Third bonus call) Culmination Ritual: We conclude our six-month journey with a sacred culmination ritual, symbolizing the integration of your discoveries and the emergence of a radiant, empowered self. This ritual provides closure to this transformative chapter while acting as a springboard for the next phase of your personal evolution. We will depart with grace and gratitude for our time together.

Let me introduce myself

Hello, and welcome. I am Aurelia, an intuitive Artist, Mama and Healer who channels spiritual practices into my art and offerings. With a deep reverence for the Divine Feminine and a passion for exploring the depths of the human experience, my work is a mesmerizing reflection of the inner workings of the soul. I would be honored to show you how to bring light into your life, make peace with your shadow and invoke transformation through creative alchemy.

My shadows started early and ran deep with roots in my given family and were further exposed during my initiation into motherhood. You see, I am a survivor of a traumatically abusive childhood, and I have had no contact with my birth family for over two decades. Combine that with the horrific 63-hour birth of my child; where I nearly died twice which led to a full postpartum psychosis–I honestly never expected to make it to 40.

However, something magical happened to me at 38, I had a profound spiritual awakening, but I was completely alone in processing the healing that I truly needed. I had missteps and looked to the wrong people for help out of desperation. I was deeply wounded by someone whom I though cared for me, someone I was paying very well to help me on my journey. To recover, I did not take 1:1 clients for 18 months to heal from that experience. The silver lining to that lesson though is now the sincerity, integrity, authenticity and transparency I offer for my clients. This work is deep and emotional and very sacred.

Those mistakes are why I don’t use the term “Coach” or “Mentor.” I am just like you, only a few steps ahead. I know now that my soul purpose now is to save others the pain I’ve been through and to teach what I’ve learned and studied deeply. I don’t believe shadow work has this big ambiguous Jungian chaos of psychological complexity. If you heal YOU as a WHOLE being and the shadows naturally become illuminated.

I saved myself, I love my life and I love who I am. Anyone can create that for themselves. I would honor the opportunity to show you how and what I did to get here, and hold space for you to heal.

Let’s chat and see if we are an energetic fit.

Grab a coffee or tea and meet me on Zoom, pajamas are welcomed and encouraged. I don’t do sales calls. Either I am for you or I am not. I wish you peace and abundance either way. This is simply a chat. Ask questions, laugh, and be open. My superpower is making people feel comfy…let me show you.