Shadow Alchemy: Turn Your Inner Darkness Into Gold

Within these pages, you’ll discover more than just a collaborative book; you’ll find a sanctuary for the soul, a nurturing space filled with powerful tools to release, embrace or transform your life. Inside, you’ll find stories of overcoming trials, traumas, and even deaths: true stories written by healers, creatives, therapists and coaches who share a vision for a more harmonized world. This book transcends mere words, offering a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth through a blend of written wisdom and supportive activities.

Featured Author & Cover Designer: Aurelia Corvinus

You Are Enough

A 30-Day Journal of Practical Self-Compassion & Intuitive Reflection Paperback

You Are Enough: A 30-Day Journal of Practical Self-Compassion & Intuitive Reflection” because it was exactly what I needed when I began my healing journey. It’s a simple journal designed to help you acknowledge and understand your feelings, set intentions, and embrace self-care and self-compassion

The Divine Feminine Manifestation Journal for Women

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this journal, where each page is adorned with as above so below, as within so without, and beautiful artwork that speaks to the soul throughout the journal. More than just a journal, this is your sacred writing space—a canvas of words for your dreams to unfold. This journal includes 99 Writing Prompts, Beautiful Images and 8 Sacred Steps to Step into Your Power