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Aurelia is an intuitive Artist, Mama and Healer who channels her spiritual practices into her art and content. With a deep reverence for the Divine Feminine and a passion for exploring the depths of the human experience, her work is a mesmerizing reflection of the inner workings of the soul. Her formal title is Tantric Illuminatrix of Creative Alchemy. She can show you how to bring light into your life, make peace with your shadows and invoke transformation through creative alchemy.

Drawing on the ancient traditions of tantra tradition, yoga, ritual, and sacred self-care; Aurelia infuses her art with the transformative power of these practices. Her pieces are a testament to the natural beauty, self-acceptance, and mystery of the natural world, as well as to the potency of the human body and its capacity for spiritual evolution.

Currently invoking an alignment to her highest timeline, Aurelia is concentrating on her visual art, discovering her edges, finding her muse, learning and creating music, sound healing, sacred Mantra and delving into spiritual leadership through group facilitation, courses, workshops, energetic activations, meditation and 1:1 guidance. She is adept at crafting rituals, herbalism, Ayurvedic Medicine, aromatherapy, personal and professional creative practices, and making artisan wellness products.

A few of my favorite things…

Days off…

barefoot in the grass

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ant na siftee by white sun

Current Obssesion….

sparkly watercolors

Morning go to….

chai latte

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