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In a world that often emphasizes singularity and niche offerings, I proudly stand against the tide, refusing to confine myself to a singular focus, and embracing my beautiful bounty of talents.

My approach to spirituality and creativity is expansive, embracing the richness that diversity brings. I believe in offering a kaleidoscope of modalities and experiences, recognizing that each individual’s journey is unique and multifaceted.

From spiritual guidance to creative exploration, my offerings span a spectrum, inviting you to explore the depths of your being and unlock the boundless potential that resides within.

Join me on a transformative journey where the intersections of spirituality and creativity converge, fostering a holistic and inclusive space for self-discovery and expression. I offer you dedication, growth, and support with fair and transparent pricing.

Welcome to My Current Offerings….

Your shadow is not your enemy, she is your greatest teacher.

I have created a one of a kind transformation to deeply connect you to your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. My Illuminatrix Method™ healing invites you to embark on a profound exploration of your inner world, transcending shadows, and embracing the extraordinary power within. Illuminatrix is incredibly structured sacred work. It’s similar to a very in-depth course but held in a private extra support 1:1 space. Due to the intensely personal nature of these calls– I ask you please apply to work with and schedule an exploration call first.

Price Transparency: This six-month transformation 1:1 container is $6,000 paid in full or I offer six monthly payments of $1,000 a month. There is no additional cost for monthly payments. I also have a two-call initiation offering for only $850.

Learn all about the
Illuminatrix Healing method

In these transformative guidance sessions, you’ll step into a sacred space where your soul’s essence is not only explored but deeply seen, held, and heard…but your human experience is supported and celebrated. These sessions are an invitation to express your innermost thoughts, unravel the intricacies of your soul, and feel the profound embrace of being truly acknowledged.

Integrative spiritual dialogue is a harmonious fusion of expressive exchange and spiritual insights. Moving beyond generic “spiritual coaching,” this empathic and compassionate approach invites you to articulate and delve into the depths of your soul’s journey; creating a haven for honestly open discourse. Your spiritual practices become a shared exploration, the threads of your thoughts are gently untangled, and these sessions become a sanctuary where your voice is not just acknowledged but valued deeply.

Whether you’re seeking clarity, connection, or a moment of reflection, these sessions are crafted to meet you where you are on your spiritual journey. Embrace the opportunity to shape a narrative that aligns with your authentic self, and discover the transformative power of spiritual guidance in a space where your story is seen, held, and heard.

Price Transparency: Spiritual guidance is available in single sessions or packages of six and twelve calls to use as you desire. A single session is $300, six sessions are $1,500 and twelve sessions are $2,750. Save money when you bundle.

Delve into the profound realm of creative expression, where the power of art, writing, or other expressive mediums becomes a gateway to unlocking fresh insights and perspectives, adding a colorful dimension to your journey. In these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to use art, creative play, and writing for self-reflection and exploration; providing a lighter yet profoundly enriching avenue for personal growth. Together we will discover and uncover your:


Engage in the liberating act of artistic expression, whether through painting, drawing, or sculpting. Tap into the reservoir of your emotions and thoughts, allowing the canvas to capture the nuances of your inner world. I’ll safely hold you while you open up the possibilities of your creation. Humans are creative beings and everyone is an artist in their own way.


Explore the written word as a vehicle for self-discovery. Through guided writing exercises, unlock the potential of language to articulate your deepest thoughts, unraveling layers of your narrative that may have remained hidden.

✵ Multidimensional Insights ✵

Beyond traditional methods, our session(s) encourages the use of various expressive mediums. From dance to music, chanting and song discover how these diverse forms of creative expression can provide unique perspectives, enriching your journey of self-discovery with a kaleidoscopic array of sensory experiences.

✵ Art into Alchemy ✵

Culminate your exploration by creating a personalized vision board that synthesizes the artistic techniques learned in this module. Harness the energy and insights gained through Emotional Abstract Painting, Collage of Self-Identity, Expressive Sculpting, Visual Journaling, Found Object Assemblage, and creating a Mood Mandala. Craft a visually compelling representation of your soul-aligned aspirations, desires, and discoveries, infusing your space with the vibrancy of your authentic self. Your creations will become powerful tools for your healing and manifesting the path you truly desire.

Price Transparency: The single introductory session is $350 and the three-month 1:1 container is $2,100 paid in full or $700 per month for three months. There is no price increase when paying monthly.

I have meticulously curated this methodology to repair and reshape the narratives that have molded your perception of your personal story. Grounded in the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), this facet of our discussions serves as an illuminating beacon, invoking the strength of openness to redefine your narrative, mend past wounds, release what no longer serves, and embark upon a future meticulously crafted by your intentions.

Narrative Redefinition

Delve into the profound journey of narrative reconstruction, guided by the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This session empowers you to reshape the stories that have shaped your past, offering a newfound sense of authorship over your life’s narrative.

Healing Past Wounds

Drawing upon the transformative essence of NLP, this session acts as a therapeutic balm; facilitating the healing of past wounds. Explore the depths of your emotional landscape, allowing for a comprehensive and cathartic healing process.

Identifying The Blocks

When I was very early in my journey, this was the piece I struggled with. No one showed me HOW or WHERE to find what was slowing and dragging down my soul. Somatic therapy exercises and intuitive introspection allowed me to “See my stucks.” I am happy to teach you what I have learned and HOW it was I went about it. This will save you from the bumps I ran into.

Conscious Energetic Release

This work is at times very heavy, it’s like sifting mud out of water or cleaning out your closets. There are so many ways to restore and release ‘junk’ in your body and aura, including Ayurvedic holistic wellness practices, utilizing the transformative power of sound vibrations, and harmonizing Chakra Alignment to facilitate healing. These surprisingly simple modalities serve as profound tools for cleansing and rejuvenating your energetic being, allowing you to embrace a state of balance, vitality, and inner harmony.

New Pattern Programming

As you liberate yourself from outdated tales, you will notice a soul elevation of self-awareness. This newfound awareness becomes a fresh start. The easiest way to establish a new pattern is to concentrate on what you truly desire, not what you do not want. It’s manifestation 101 but most people miss the inner work needed first. By focusing on your aspirations and visualizing your highest self in your highest purpose and timeline; you set the stage for a powerful journey of manifestation. This opening allows your intentions to shape the narratives that guide your personal and spiritual evolution. We’ll dip our toes into the visual activation of new patterns in next month.

Price Transparency: The single introductory session is $350. The three-month 1:1 container is $2,100 paid in full or $700 per month for three months. There is no price increase for paying monthly.

My Signature Branding Package includes:

Opening Clarity Session: We’ll discuss where you are, the energy of what you’re calling in and how to transmute that intention into a visual concept. We’ll open an energetic container of working together as well. My design style is very different, it’s intuitive, incredibly interactive and totally focused on you.

Creative Exploration Session: During this session, we will dive deep into exploring what activates you visually through sketching and conceptualization, and establishing the symbolism and meaning of what your soul is leading you to create visually.

Interactive Logo Design Session: I’ll present you with three independent visual themes, we’ll go over colors, feel, fonts, and set the foundation of your brand’s core aesthetic. We’ll go over what works, what doesn’t and refine your logo. I do this part of the design live with you so we don’t have 40 emails back and forth. You can make edits and adjustments with me on screen via Zoom.

Typography Design: Based on your previous sessions, I’ll make your font guide and I can also hand letter and draw illustrations to expand upon your logo.

Brand Guidelines: This is a cohesive document of everything so far and clearly defines your brand. You would use this tool anytime you collaborate with someone to make sure your visual integrity is maintained. I make this in Canva so you can edit it as needed.

I include a robust set of actual templates so you’re ready to use your brand. I’m also happy to set your brand colors and fonts up for you in Canva.

I give you the following templates and can provide more upon request.

✨ Business Card Design Canva Template

✨ Instagram Reel & Story Cover Canva Template

✨ Instagram Highlights Canva Template

✨ Facebook Cover Canva Template

✨ Facebook Post Canva Template

Final closing appreciation session and Q&A: I like to have one final session to make sure you are set. I close the energy of our collaboration in gratitude. We have a virtual hug and you’re good to go. I’m also available for you in the future if you need me.

If you’re new to my little corner of the internet, I have been an artist and graphic designer for 24 years and have a solid education in my field including a BA in Graphic Design, a BA in Fine Art with another AA in Web Design.

I create energetically aligned branding and heart-centered graphics. I also specialize in digital collages, book covers, custom sigil creation, journal creation, hand-lettering, calligraphy, hand lettering, ritual guides, workbooks, websites, and custom Canva templates.

I’ve worked with major brands including Bentley, Inspired Stock Shop, Lux Maldives, Krispy Kreme, Estee Lauder and more. From 2010 to 2016, I was a creative director for one of the largest agencies on the East Coast.

My focus clients include authors, speakers, spiritual leaders, modern medicine women, shamans, life coaches, yoga teachers, massage therapists, aromatherapists, skincare product creators, reiki practitioners, doulas, and wellness/holistic professionals.

Investment: $3,500. 50% Payment to start and 50% when the package is done around 4 weeks later before any final files are sent.

Let’s chat about your brand

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with my Mantra Activation and Sadhana Support offerings. As your dedicated and devoted guide, I am honored to assist you on this sacred path. I have two ways to serve you:

✵ Mantra Activation Session ✵

Unleash the potential of a powerful Mantra activation! During this 90-minute one-on-one experience, I will guide you in your alignment to a specifically chosen sacred Mantra. We will then delve into the essence and power of this mantra: listening, practicing chanting, attuning your energy to its sacred essence with a deep fully guided meditation, and setting intentions for an inner transformation. The single session is designed to resonate with your unique spiritual journey, fostering clarity, balance, and a deeper connection to your inner self. There are mantras for healing, prosperity, and courage, what you seek is available in sacred sound.

I pull from my knowledge and experience in the traditional Sacred Mantra. While I most commonly use Sanskrit mantra rooted in Hinduism; as a Kundalini yoga teacher, I hold deep reverence for the Sikh Gurmukhi mantra as well. There are also Buddhist and Jain mantras that are equally powerful. Before this session, I send a detailed questionnaire so I am ready with a few choices on our call and you will feel which one resonates most deeply for you.

You will receive a video recording of this session and I also give you the guided meditation and mantra in audio files. I then add either youtube links or make you a custom Spotify playlist of versions of your mantra.

You’ll also get a PDF guide that is full of details about your mantra with Journal and meditation prompts.

40-Day (4 Call) fully guided Sadhana ✵

Embark on a transformative 40-day Guided Sadhana ( dedicated spiritual practice) with comprehensive support. This immersive package includes:

Sadhana refers to a dedicated and intentional practice or discipline undertaken with the goal of spiritual growth, self-realization, and inner transformation. Traditionally; Sadhana is done for 40 days or 108 days with a specific mantra. Sadhana involves a regular and committed effort to connect with one’s higher self or divine consciousness. Sadhana can take various forms, such as meditation, prayer, chanting, yoga, or a combination of these tools that fosters a deepening of spiritual awareness and connection. Total Transparency: Mantra is chanted first thing in the morning after a bath or shower; to receive the full benefit of these practices you will need to rise and be ready between 4 am to 6 am, EVERYDAY for 40 days. If you are not ready or unable to make that type of commitment to yourself and your spiritual practice, Mantra simply may not be for you at this time.

  • Four Guided Calls: Our first session will be the Mantra Activation detailed above, then we’ll connect regularly throughout your Sadhana, I will provide personalized guidance, address your experiences, and offer insights to enhance your practice. I typically like to schedule these calls every 10 days.
  • Customized Mantra Workbook: Receive a curated workbook, including the history of your Mantra, and complimentary practices tailored to your spiritual goals. This workbook serves as a companion on your 40-day journey, enhancing the potency of your Sadhana and also includes journal pages and prompts. You can print it or use it digitally on ipad.
  • Daily Support: I also offer daily Voxer, Email or Text check-ins during your supported Sadhana, every single day. Have questions or insights to share between calls? I’m always here for you. Our journey together extends beyond the scheduled calls, ensuring continuous support and encouragement.
  • Progress Reflection: Together, we’ll reflect on your progress, celebrating milestones and navigating challenges. This collaborative approach ensures your Sadhana aligns with your evolving spiritual path and helps us rise above any resistance or energetic blocks that may arise. Working in a guided Sadhana allows you to pivot and expand, and often see your own blindspots.

Price Transparency: The single introductory session is $400 and the 40-day fully guided Sadhana with 4 calls and daily check-ins is $2,000. I can offer payments if needed, let me know in our exploration call.

20% of your payment for Mantra & Sadhana offerings is given back to charities in India and Sri Lanka (see this page for the full list) as thank you to the land and people where these life-changing modalities originate.

First, let’s explore the true definition of Tantra. Tantric: relating to or involving the doctrines or principles of the Hindu or Buddhist tantras, in particular the use of mantra, meditation, yoga, and ritual. In Sanskrit, the word literally means “woven together.”

*I am still crafting this offering as I dive deeper into my Yogic Studies, I am setting an intention to open this Mid-2024 after I complete another level of Yoga Teacher Training. I’m living the tantric path–I’m just still preparing to share it.*

10% of your payment for Tantra & Sadhana offerings is given back to charities in India and Sri Lanka (see this page for the full list) as thank you to the land and people where these life-changing modalities originate.

Embark on a transformative exploration of inner child healing tailored for a Mother. This is my heart’s offering. I suffered an abusive childhood and an isolated and shockingly traumatic beginning to my own motherhood journey. Together, we will gently revisit and address the echoes of past trauma and shadows from pivotal periods of childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and the profound transition into motherhood. You’ll be given guided meditations for each of the times listed below.

✵ Childhood Reconnection & Reclamation ✵

Immerse yourself in reflective exercises crafted to reconnect with and nurture the inner child tenderly. Explore the unique nuances of early experiences, unraveling the threads of joy and processing pain that have woven into the fabric of your present self. Just opening to this work creates a compassionate space for profound healing, allowing the adult within to acknowledge and embrace the innocence and vulnerability of their younger self.

✵ Teenage Forgiveness

Navigate the labyrinth of adolescence, delving into the emotional landscapes of self-discovery and identity formation. Share stories and insights from this pivotal period, acknowledging the impact of teenage experiences on present perspectives. Through guided introspection, participants can illuminate and reconcile the shadows that linger from these formative years, fostering a deeper understanding and 

✵ Young Adult Reflection ✵

Explore the multifaceted journey of young adulthood, delving into the transformative power of revisiting and healing past shadows. Share narratives of resilience, growth, and self-discovery during this period. Through authentic storytelling and introspective practices, participants can unearth the wisdom gained from navigating the complexities of early independence, crafting a narrative that aligns with their present values and aspirations.

✵ Motherhood Healing ✵

Embrace the profound metamorphosis of becoming a Mother but experience a place to voice those challenges and changes. Share and reflect on the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the initial years of parenthood. I want to provide a sacred space to explore and release any lingering shadows from this transformative period. I did not have that and never want others to suffer like I did. You can be open and embrace raw honesty with me. You are invited to share the joys, heartbreaks, fears, challenges, and growth experienced during early parenthood. Introspection and forgiveness given to this time period in your life fosters a profound healing and a deeper connection with themselves as a mother. Stopping generational curses is heavy and powerful work, this should be addressed and requires support.

I only offer this healing in a four-month package. It is too expansive for a single session. We will spend 2 calls per month on each element above. This offering is specifically for mothers.

Price Transparency: This healing is a four-month intensive with 8 calls. It is $2,500 paid in full or $625 per month for four months. There is no price increase for paying monthly.

Embark on a courageous journey of vulnerably honest self-exploration with Anger Exploration, where I invite you to navigate the intricate landscape of one of the most powerful and often misunderstood emotions—ANGER. This healing provides a safe and supportive space to unravel the messages and energy embedded within anger, viewing it not as a destructive force but as a potent catalyst for transformation. In the realm of this emotion, you’ll discover valuable insights into your inner world and gain the tools to harness anger’s energy for personal empowerment. Through guided exercises, we’ll delve into the roots of anger, offering a profound opportunity for self-discovery and growth.

Emotional Archaeology ✵

Embark on a process of emotional archaeology to unearth the roots of your anger. Through guided introspection, explore past experiences, triggers, and patterns to gain a comprehensive understanding of the origins of this emotion. By excavating the layers, you’ll illuminate the pathways to healing and transformation.

✵ Mindful Expression Techniques ✵

Learn and practice mindful expression techniques to navigate anger in a constructive way. From breathwork to embodied practices, these tools provide a pathway to channel the intensity of anger into self-awareness and empowerment. By developing a mindful relationship with anger, you can transform it from a disruptive force into a source of strength.

✵ Empowerment Through Boundaries ✵

Explore the transformative nature of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries as a means of managing and understanding anger. Through interactive exercises, you’ll gain practical skills to establish boundaries that honor your needs and values. By embracing the power of assertiveness, you’ll learn to express anger in a way that fosters personal growth and healthier relationships.

✵ Sacred Rage ✵

Understanding when anger is necessary: Delve into the concept of “Sacred Rage” and discern the occasions when anger serves as a necessary and empowering force. Explore the nuances of anger as a protector of boundaries and values, allowing you to harness its energy for positive change.

✵ Cultivating Emotional Intelligence ✵

Engage in activities and exercises designed to cultivate emotional intelligence specific to anger. Develop a heightened awareness of the emotional signals leading up to anger, enabling you to intervene in the early stages. By honing your emotional intelligence, you’ll enhance your capacity to navigate and understand anger, promoting emotional well-being.

✵ Parental Overstimulation &
Explosive Trigger Management ✵

Recognize and address the unique challenges of being a mother by exploring overstimulation and triggers within the parenting context. Through targeted exercises, gain insights into how parental responsibilities can contribute to heightened emotions. Learn practical strategies to manage overstimulation, navigate triggers, and create a supportive environment that fosters emotional resilience.

Transformative Communication Skills ✵

Explore communication techniques that facilitate the healthy expression and understanding of anger within relationships. Develop skills to articulate your needs and boundaries effectively, fostering open and empathetic dialogues. By transforming communication patterns, you’ll create a foundation for constructive conversations that acknowledge and validate emotions, including anger, within the dynamics of parenthood.

Price Transparency: The single introductory session is $350 and the three-month 1:1 container is $2,100 paid in full or $700 per month for three months. There is no price increase when paying monthly.

With my Conscious Creatrix business coaching, I serve as your guiding catalyst in unlocking the full potential of your creative ventures, online presence and the holistics of your brand’s energy. With over two decades of experience as a graphic designer, two fine art degrees, and four thriving businesses— I bring a wealth of artistic insight and business acumen to elevate your brand and digital footprint.

In our coaching sessions, we delve into the fusion of creativity and consciousness, exploring the intricate dance between the visible and the unseen. My approach is rooted in spiritual wisdom, drawing inspiration from traditional Indian practices, energy work, and a devotion to inner growth. I tailor coaching sessions to suit your unique journey, employing techniques from Ayurveda, aromatherapy, mindfulness, and more, fostering an environment where your creativity flourishes.

Online presence energetics is at the core of our collaboration, where we craft a digital narrative that authentically reflects your essence. Together, we navigate the realms of brand building, ensuring your online identity resonates with authenticity and purpose. Through strategic guidance and alchemical creativity, Conscious Creatrix coaching empowers you to shape a vibrant online presence that not only reflects your brand but also engages, inspires your audience and converts them into clients.

Embark on a transformative journey with Conscious Creatrix, where coaching and online presence mastery converge, propelling your creative ventures to new heights. As we collaborate, witness the synthesis of creativity and consciousness unfold, leaving an indelible mark on your brand and online landscape.

Please note this is consulting/coaching only. I am no longer taking on branding directly and providing very limited graphic design services at this time; I am primarily focusing on book cover and album cover design along with musician’s art.

Price Transparency: Single sessions are $300. I will need to do an assessment of your brand. So if booking a single session you’ll need two–one for the brand assessment and one for the guidance. In Conscious Creatrix Coaching is available in packages of six and twelve calls to use as you desire. Six sessions are $1,500 and twelve sessions are $2,750. The first call in any package is the brand harmony assessment.

Brand Harmony Assessment:
energetic Essence &
visual Presence
Apply to work 1:1 in Conscious Creatrix Business coaching

Welcome to my handcrafted business coaching, where creativity meets strategy in the world of artisanal body products. I offer tailored business coaching services uniquely designed for handcrafted perfume artisans and body product crafters like you. I also offer this at a more affordable price than my traditional business coaching.

Are you an artisan with a passion for creating exquisite scents or luxurious body products but find yourself struggling with the business side of things? Look no further. My expertise lies in guiding individuals like you through the intricate journey of turning your craft into a thriving business venture.

As an artisan myself,  I understand that mastering the art of scent creation or crafting luxurious body products is just one aspect of your journey. That’s why I offer comprehensive coaching services that delve into crucial areas such as label design, branding, product line development, sales strategies, and general business coaching.

With my personalized approach, I’ll work closely with you to identify your unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Whether you’re just starting or looking to elevate your existing business, my goal is to empower you with the knowledge, tools, suppliers, calculators and most importantly confidence needed to succeed in today’s competitive market.

My 24 years experience in the design combined with over 20 years in soap and perfume making offers  industry insights with a deep understanding of the artisanal body product landscape. I’ll help you refine your brand identity, craft compelling product stories, and develop effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Price Transparency: Single 90min sessions are $200. Handcrafted Artisan Business Coaching is available in packages of six and twelve calls to use as you desire. Six sessions are $1,000 and twelve sessions are $1,850. These sessions do NOT include design but I can help you work through creating your own interactively on screen while we’re on our calls. Template design is an additional fee though.

All offerings are the intellectual property of Aurelia Corvinus and copyrighted material. All rights reserved. You be your own creatrix and stop copying me. IYKYF.

“Under Aurelia’s gentle guidance, I’ve embarked on a journey that exceeded all my expectations. Her wisdom, patience, sense of humor, compassion and unwavering support have empowered me to explore the depths of my soul and unlock a level of self-awareness I never thought possible. We have cried, we have laughed and I have grown.”

Daniella, Florida • USA

total transparency

Why I list my prices as a plain as day

1:1 Offerings are part of my service to others (“Seva”), which means consciously listing my full-price openly to you. Choosing and trusting someone to work with is important and I hold your time, commitment, energy, and financial investment with gratitude and appreciation.



Black, Indigenous, and Persons of the Global Majority are gifted 25% OFF all services and offerings regardless of income level.


If you receive federal or state government assistance such as SNAP, Medicaid/Medicare, WIC, Section 8, or your country’s equivalent, I am happy to take 25% off all services for you.


I am in AWE of single mamas, being a mother is one of the hardest things in the world, and doing all that work alone deserves a break once in a while. I happily offer a 25% discount to all single mamas, please just ask.

Please let me know if you would like to apply any scholarship discounts in our initial call and I will be happy to apply that discount to your first invoice. Discounts cannot be combined but I do offer monthly payments on most service offerings.

Let’s chat and see if we are an energetic fit.

Grab a coffee or tea and meet me on Zoom, pajamas are welcomed and encouraged. I don’t do sales calls. Either I am for you or I am not. I wish you peace and abundance either way. This is simply a chat. Ask questions, laugh, and be open. My superpower is making people feel comfy…let me show you.