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A Mantra for Protection, Prosperity, and Inner Peace.

Imagine sitting in a cozy meditation space, surrounded by flickering candles and the soothing aroma of incense. As your meditation teacher, I’m here to share with you the magic of Aap Sahaaee Hoaa – a sacred mantra that holds the key to overcoming life’s hurdles with grace and ease.

This mantra, gifted to us by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, is like a comforting hug for your soul. It’s a gentle reminder that you’re never alone no matter what challenges come your way. With each rhythmic recitation of Aap Sahaaee Hoaa, you invite protection, prosperity, and inner peace into your life.

Life can be a rollercoaster, right? One moment you’re riding high on success, and the next, you’re facing obstacles and opposition. But here’s the beauty of this mantra – it’s your secret weapon against negativity and doubt. By chanting it with love and sincerity, you’re building a shield of positive energy around you, guiding you through even the toughest of times. This mantra is a refuge in a chaotic world.

Yogi Bhajan taught us that dedicating 62 minutes to chanting Aap Sahaaee Hoaa, especially in the quiet hours before dawn, can work wonders. If you can’t chant all 62 minutes, then chant it a minimum of 11 times.

Yogi Bhajan told us: “This mantra meditation from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a gift to you that will let you penetrate the unknown without fear. It will give you protection and mental balance. It is very simple and rhythmic. If you do it nobly it will be extremely helpful. Whenever you are effective and create a success in your life, you must also generate some opposition and animosity. That is called the Law of Polarity. It is called facing a square in your life. This meditation will totally eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity forever. It can give you mental self-control and let you command your five tattvas for effective living.”

Aap Sahee Hoa is like giving yourself a little spiritual boost, immediately relieves financial stress, and can even help untangle tricky legal situations.

But more than just the words you’re chanting, it’s the intention behind it that truly matters. Hold the words sacred and infuse each recitation with love, faith, and gratitude. Trust in the process, and know that the Universe has your back. The most powerful force for healing and change that you command is the vibration and resonance of your own voice.

When I chant this, I personally end this manta with “Har, Har, Har.” The Sanskrit mantra “Har” translates to “God as the Creative Infinity” and affirms our ability to co-create.

Listening to the mantra is also incredibly beneficial. My favorite version(s) both come from my beloved favorite band, White Sun.

Both are in my Spotify playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5UtZDsyYaYSKtQpAG1Hsot?si=2ec16d4565b1407e

Sat Nam 🙏🏻

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