Effective Date: December 21, 2023

Terms and Conditions

Please carefully review the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) before purchasing and using this Program and website. Your use of the materials provided and your participation in the program or and consulting/coaching services are subject to your agreement with these Terms.


Delphi Media, LLC, DBA Aurelia Corvinus, a North Carolina Limited Liability Company (referred to as “Company,” “we,” or “us”), undertakes to grant you access to the purchased materials and consulting/coaching services available on this website (“Program”). Your participation is contingent upon compliance with the policies and procedures outlined in this agreement.

In addition to the materials, participation in the Program and consulting/coaching services may grant access to a closed Facebook Group and other Program-related materials, subject to the Company’s discretion.


The Aurelia Corvinus and Delphi Media, LLC, LLC’s coaches, consultants, and experts are not your employees or professionals in specific fields. The Company does not promise, undertake, or obligate to secure employment, business opportunities, or perform functions such as legal, accounting, or therapeutic services. No ongoing relationship is established beyond the program or 1:1 timeframe’s conclusion unless a separate agreement is made.

All Programs and materials are intended for users aged 18 and above. Unauthorized access or use by individuals under 18 is prohibited.


Program and 1:1 Fees are due in full upon enrollment, as the Program is not a subscription service. Failure to make payments may result in termination of access, including Facebook groups and associated communities. No refunds are provided, and non-payment for one program may result in future participation bans.


Respect for privacy is essential. Participants agree not to disclose Confidential Information obtained during programs or 1:1 individual services, including but not limited to names, email addresses, or third-party details. Violations may result in injunctive relief and termination of program or 1:1 coaching participation.

Privacy Policy

License to Use Likeness, Image, and Recordings

Refer to our privacy policy at https://www.aureliacorvinus.com/pages/privacy-policy/ for information on data handling.

Participants agree that Aurelia Corvinus and Delphi Media, LLC may record participation and use images, likenesses, and recordings for any purpose without compensation or prior permission.

No Transfer of Intellectual Property

Program materials are provided under a single-user license for individual use only. Participants are not authorized to use Aurelia Corvinus and Delphi Media, LLC’s intellectual property for business purposes. Copyrighted materials remain the Aurelia Corvinus and Delphi Media, LLC’s sole property.

Client Responsibility

Programs and 1:1 services are for educational purposes only. Participants are 100% responsible for their progress. Aurelia Corvinus and/or Corvinus & Co, LLC makes no guarantees, and results may vary. Coaching 1:1 services are simply consulting advice, you assume all risk for following said advice. There is no guarantee of results.


The invalidity of any provision does not affect the validity of other provisions. The failure to exercise a right does not waive that right.

Limitation of Liability

Use the Company services of Aurelia Corvinus and Delphi Media, LLC at your own risk. The Company and its affiliates are not liable for damages resulting from program or 1:1 Coaching participation.


This Agreement may not be assigned without the written consent of Aurelia Corvinus or Delphi Media, LLC.


The Company may modify terms, with all changes posted on the Company’s website on this page specifically. Please refer to this page if you have questions.


The Company may terminate this Agreement and Program participation for disruptive behavior or non-compliance, without refund. Notice will be given via email.


Participants will indemnify and hold harmless Aurelia Corvinus, Delphi Media, LLC and its affiliates from liabilities and expenses arising from Program participation.

Earning Disclaimer

Earning potential depends on individual efforts; no guarantees are made are any program or 1:1 coaching services.

Duty to Read

Participants have a duty to read and accept these terms; lack of reading is not a defense.


Parties agree not to make disparaging statements about each other or related entities, verbally or posted online anywhere. This includes social media platforms and company/personal reviews.

Force Majeure

Performance is excused in cases beyond the Company’s control.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

Claims will be subject to binding arbitration in Winston-Salem, North Carolina following the procedural rules of the American Arbitration Association and the substantive rules of the State of North Carolina. Class arbitration is waived, and participants are responsible for associated costs.