🌟 Embark on a Profound Tantric Journey of Conscious Expansion and Soul Healing 🌟

First, let’s explore the true definition of Tantra.

Tantric: relating to or involving the doctrines or principles of the Hindu or Buddhist tantras, in particular the use of mantra, meditation, yoga, and ritual. In Sanskrit, the word literally means “woven together.”

Tantra is an evocation of a deeper connection to source and spirit. Tantra is a beautiful set of practices. I am often asked why the a difference between my Mantra and Tantric activations; for me, Mantra is the stepping stone to a Tantric life. True tantra is an expansion upon mantra. For me my own Tantrics practice incorporates the following elements:

  • Early morning rising and Pranayama
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Daily sacred rituals to start and end my day
  • Gratitude and Lunar Manifestation Practices
  • Devotion to the physical body as a vessel of Divine Energy
  • Devotion to my home and space as a sacred container to nurture my creation
  • Energetics: both release and cultivation
  • Living my highest timeline or most abundant human experience; appreciating and invoking moments of bliss.

My interpretation of Tantra is again a weaving of traditions and modalities that have saved my life and expanded my experience. I do not heavily concentrate on the sexual aspect of Tantra, for me that is simply a layer in life’s tapestry. I believe in the power of pleasure as a modality to healing and abundance but only when it is intentionally used as so; I believe is must be fully supported by other soul-expanding practices.

Given the incredible personal connection and depth of the energetic space which I hold for the sacredness of these Tantric teachings; you must apply to connect with me in this manner.

🔥 Tantric Activation Initiation (Two Sessions) – $1,111

In these, 90-minute initiation sessions, I will co-create and guide you in how to embark on a journey of self-discovery and conscious expansion. We will connect over email or voice message initially so that I can properly research and custom-tailor your sessions before our calls.

In our first session together, we’ll immerse ourselves in the sacred tapestry of Mantra, and establish a Meditation, Kriya and Pranayama practice. We’ll also examine your energetic state (set) and your home life (setting) and dive into how you rise each day and rest each night. We’ll see what is currently working well in your life and what areas you long to heal and expand. During this session, I will also provide you with a Chakra clearing and Somatic Release and teach you how to give yourself these practices daily. I will provide you with a written recap and call recording, with follow-up audio recordings of the mantra and meditation used.

Eleven days later, we will have our second session. We will recap how the practices you’ve been given in the first session are working to see what resonates and where there may be resistance. In this session, I will expand upon embracing sacred rituals in your home and life. The importance of cultivating sacred space in your inner world and body and in your outer world and home. How to anchor into the Divine essence in your body and how to align your physical world to Lunar manifestation, release, and abundance. After this session, you’ll also receive a written recap and call recording, with follow-up audio recordings of the mantra and meditation used.

🌈 40-Day Journey: Integration Sadhana for Tantric Devotion to Your Soul – $4,444 with a daily support check-in.

The 40-day journey is a deeper expansion of the above integrations that allows far more space to expand and evolve your practice. During our time together we can create a much deeper exploration and examine where and what is resonating for you and adapt or add in practices to truly align to a higher existence and intentional experience in your life. I’ll hold you during this time and guide you as you explore and create changes in your life. Many times simply having someone you can go to and be to lifted up and listened to during times of transformation is a catalyst for a more profound experience.

We will have four live 90-minute calls during our time together, approximately every 10 days. You can also reach out via email at any time during our 40 days together. I will also check in with you daily via Voxer (or text if you prefer.)

I also gift you an initiation box with a handcrafted mala specifically chosen for your goals, a handcrafted meditation balm, a beautiful journal and a few crystals to help anchor in the changes you are seeking from our time together.

If you would like to learn more please book an exploration call or apply to work with me below: